Monday, June 10, 2013

Establishing Roots

I've found the whole owning our home and dreaming about future decoration & renovation projects a bit overwhelming at times. There are conversations that I've had to abruptly end, telling the hubby I just couldn't think about it anymore.

But the one area I can't stop thinking & dreaming about is our yard and the growing potential it has. 
The arrival of baby #2 was not so conducive to starting a garden this year. Nor had we really decided on where it would go; we'd owned the house for over 3 months before we finally started to see green things growing anywhere.

There are many random plants I am looking forward to digging up. Though watching things spring from our yard has been exciting. Like opening a present everyday! 

Thanks to the generosity of family, we are able to set down some roots this year.

And it makes me very happy.