Monday, October 31, 2011

Tot School: Halloween!!

This weeks Theme: Orange, Black & Pumpkins
G is 19 Months Old

This Week
G has been cuddly, cranky, whiny & all the other things that come along with 2 year molars cutting through. (Or trying to!) She hasn't been sleeping well - which means Mommy hasn't been sleeping well. This morning I woke up to my alarm & realized that she didn't wake up. I did the "full nights sleep" jig - something I haven't done for probably a year. I've also officially decided that watching your 1 year old have to deal with the pain & discomfort of cutting molars is worse than labor. That was over in 18 hours. This is taking FOREVER. Poor Munchkin.
This was pretty much my long explanation for - we didn't do a lot this week. I did take some activities out here & there and managed to get a few pictures, but we laid low this week. The TV was on much more often than usual, and G & I could be found snuggling under our blankets on the couch. But sometimes we all just need a week like that.

Excel by 5
We did go to Excel by 5, nothing takes your mind of teething like rooms full of fun things & other kids.
Stacking foam blocks in the 'Block Room'

Gluing felt pumpkins onto black felt in the 'Art Room'
(I also believe I had to utter the words - "Don't eat the glue stick")

Tot Activities at Home

Coloring the pumpkin orange.

Showing off her orange crayon

Playing with the felt Jack-O-Lantern

Picking up the monkeys & putting them back in their barrel using a strawberry huller

Last week I managed to add blue noodles (which turned out kind of greenish) to our red noodles; I just never managed a picture of her playing with them. This week I added some orange also.

Playing with her colorful noodles

I really need to come up with a better solution for managing this activity. She gets so into it I just let her be, but it always seems to end up like this....

I think I should invest in a sheet to put down for a much easier cleanup.

How She's Growing
G is showing much more desire to dress herself. She's been able to put her arms through her shirt, pull it down over her head or pull it off for sometime. Recently I began having her pull up & down her shorts or pants.

She pulled a pair of pants out of the laundry I was folding and tried to put them on by herself...

She is also very big on accessories right now. She must always have a necklace on. Just this week - after 19 months of trying - she likes to wear hats!
(Hopefully that means headbands won't be too far off, her hair is in that awkward stage of 'grow out' & the use of headbands would be great!)

This picture is awful blurry, but this is the first time she's EVER kept this hat on and her expression is adorable. I'm glad I got the picture, because she ran away yanking the hat off 2 seconds later.

Mommy's Favorite Shot This Week

I will never get tired of pictures of G with her Daddy. Never.

I wish you all a happy & safe Halloween. May you receive more treats than tricks.

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  1. Poor little girl getting her molars. I always feel so bad when my kids are teething cause there isn't much I can do for them!! Hope it passes soon for both your sake =-) Really liked the colored pasta & jack o lantern felt activities! Thanks for linking to TGIF Linky Party! Beth =-)

  2. For a snuggly week, you sure did a lot of learning too. Your little girl's hair is in the same state as my girl's... and she won't leave hairbands in either!

  3. Looks like a great week. I can't believe she can already take her shirt off and on by herself. My little boy is 29 months old and on some days can take his shirt off, but hasn't ever put it on by himself. That's amazing!