Monday, January 9, 2012

Tot School: A

This Week's Theme: A
Focus Words: Ant & Apple
 G is 21 Months 


Oh it's so hard to come back from vacation, but I was super excited to start in on the Alphabet with G. The goal here is to do Tot School 3 days a week, and get out of the house 2 days a week.  Each tot school day we'll focus on one of the focus words. (Go figure!) Will it always happen, no way! But goals are good.

I probably did not do A any justice this week. We only had school 2 days this week, and I was also trying to figure out the best approach. Luckily, A is a letter she already says and can identify 75% of the time. So no harm done.

The best advice I gave myself before officially deciding to start the alphabet, is though G may be tall for her age & certainly act 2 sometimes, she is still just shy of 2. My main goal here is exposure. Seeing the letters, hearing the sounds they make, etc. Every week I don't expect her to identify & say each word. As she gets older, we'll get into much more hard hitting alphabet work. ;)

Here's our short week!

1+1+1=1 is such a valuable resource to me. I borrowed her idea of the work book and put the Letter Printables in page protectors & then placed them all in her "school binder". We're also using 1+1+1=1's Tot School's Printables.  This way G can get more than one use out of each page.
(Not to mention the organization factor that this Mommy LOVES.)

Here she's trying to color in the A.

Using pipe cleaners to make a Letter A.

Enjoying one of her Christmas presents, Melissa & Doug Wooden Animal Nesting Blocks.

Our art project this week was "A is for Ant"........

I did not have any black paint, and G was anxious to get her craft on, so I didn't have time to make black paint. We made red ants.

Snack Time!
G spreading peanut butter on her apples.

Our invention to stick with the "A" theme...Ants on a Hill

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