Monday, January 23, 2012

Tot School: C

This Weeks Letter: C
Focus Words: Cat, Car & Cookie
G is 21 Months Old

C Week was a pretty fun, easy week.
Though I think I put too much pressure on myself trying to plan awesome activities every week. I still struggle having to shift from mommy mode to work at home mode. Adding tot school on top of it, can sometimes be too much.
Though I never put pressure on G, so I am thankful for the weeks that she doesn't seem to be that into the activities either. I'm sure she wouldn't notice if we stopped doing so much. Though the days she's not challenged, you can tell when evening rolls around. She's wired, antsy & whine-y.
Over the next few weeks I might be re-evaluating how we 'do school' again. Bear with me. That's what's great about this though, is I can do that.
She's not even 2, I think I need to go easy on myself here. Knowing come spring time I may have to return to full-time, go to the office, work has me really pressuring myself to cram in as much as I can. Though in turn that makes me tired, grouchy and doubt what I do. But this really has nothing to do with C week, I just took the opportunity of having every one's attention to vent & process some thoughts. ;)

Here's our week!!!!

Coloring the Cat in her Letter C Printables

Decorating the C, for our C is for Cat art project

The Finished Product

Driving Cars through some bubbles

We were going to use shaving cream, but I didn't realize that Daddy bought the gel stuff.
She's been obsessed with "bubbles, bubbles" in her bath. I figured it would work.
Oddly enough she spent more time fretting over the bubbles being on her hands & on the cars, than actually driving the cars through the bubbles.

Play dough time with Daddy is a FAVORITE right now.

And of course, to finish off the week, we made COOKIES!

Letter C cookies, to be exact

To make these, I just used my donut cutter to make o's and cut one of the ends off.

Mommy's Favorite Shot of the Week

This girl loves her some Giants football!!!

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