Monday, December 12, 2011

Tot School: Snow & Christmas

G is 20 Months Old
This Week's Theme; Snow & Christmas

The new relaxed approach to Tot School went really well, again, this week. We accomplished a lot and there was no pressure! At the beginning of every week I make a list of activities I think would be fun to do (and that we have all the supplies for), and as I find we have some free time I consult my list. G seems to be enjoying it too, there was not one activity this week that she didn't want to be involved in. And when all else failed, we pulled out some coloring sheets & crayons!

Coloring a sheet from 2 Teaching Mommies Printables.

It's hard to tell in this shot, but for those who aren't familiar with these printables there are letters in the wreath. G wanted me to sit down & color with her. She would point to a circle, I'd name the letter then color in the circle.
(This is a great intro to letters, as we'll be starting themes around letters in the new year.)

Playing with Snow Dough. (Homemade play dough with glitter in it!)

Finger painting with puffy paint.

We made paper snowflakes. You can read more about that in it's own post.

To keep going with the snowflakes. We made tortilla snowflakes for lunch!

We took bites out of our tortilla, instead of using scissors.

They ended up looking more like ink blots, but shhh...just use your imagination. ;)

My eager & willing helper, patiently waiting for the cheese.

Sprinkling on the cheese, like snow sprinkles from the sky.

That's when G snapped me into reality & reminded me....

We're from Lake Effect Snow country...snow doesn't sprinkle from the sky, you get dumped on!
Silly Mommy.

Once we spread the cheese out a little more evenly, I just tossed them in the oven for a few minutes to toast the tortillas & melt the cheese.

Christmas Time!

Tyson has reminded me this is almost like another 1st Christmas for G, as this year she actually understands some of what's going on. G loves the decorations, always asks for the tree lights to be turned on and can identify everyone's stocking hanging from the wall.
G says "Ho Ho" when she see's Santa.

Fascinated by the bells on my stocking. Maybe we'll have to ask her GG to add some to G's as well.

She will "sing along" to Christmas music. No matter where we are. It's especially nice when wandering around Hobby Lobby looking for felt & trying to choose some fabric.

We took out several Christmas books from the library.
Her current favorite being "What Is Christmas".
I've caught her just staring at the pictures of the manger scene several times. It brings a warm fuzzy to my heart to see that.
(And I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she's becoming obsessed with 'baby'!)

Something that I need a constant reminder of is how AWARE of things G is. Even though she doesn't quite have the vocabulary to share all her wonderful thoughts with us. She can still express that she knows what's going on. For instance, as the Christmas season started up, she began wearing her blanket around like this....

I see a Christmas play in our future.

How She's Growing

Perhaps it's a sign of her growing up, or maybe just a sign that I go to Target too much. Just this past weekend we pulled into the Target parking lot and we began to hear cheering & clapping from the backseat.
At the very least she's definitely proving she's totally aware of her surroundings!

Mommy's Favorite Shot

She doesn't discriminate when dressing up. Her choice this week was Daddy's combat boots & cover.

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  1. Love the snowflake tortillas! Such a cute idea!