Monday, December 19, 2011

Tot School: More Christmas

G is 20 Months
This Weeks Theme: Christmas, Christmas and MORE Christmas

I was sick this week. Which resulted in not a lot of creativity nor energy on my part and some horrible toddler cabin fever. However, we did have some fun and I was able to catch some photos of things we've been using all month but haven't made their appearance here.

I made my first "sensory bin".
(My mom mocks me every time I call it that, so hence the parenthesis)

This appeared the first weekend of the month and G has really loved it. This particular time she was very interested in the plastic light bulbs. However, this was a learning experience for me and now I know that using tinsel as a base for the bin, was not a good idea. It gets every where, and also G will end up walking around with a strand stuck to the bottom of her foot like toilet paper. ;)

I made a felt Christmas tree & ornaments for G to play with and maybe, just maybe, leave our tree alone. There are tons of ideas like this floating around Pinterest; this was my rendition.

Like most things right now, I have to be heavily involved with G in order for her to take interest in it. So all I was able to manage was a picture of the tree after we hung the ornaments on it.

Amazon was having a 50% off sale on Melissa & Dough items. I've been wanting to get this playdough mold & tool set for awhile. I was done Christmas shopping and had a week left of my Amazon Prime membership, I splurged.

This was the first time we busted it out of the box.

We painted some pine cones green, red & white.

After all the pine cones were painted, we painted G's hands & feet.

How She's Growing

Time for some honesty, the past couple weeks have been tough. She's trying so hard with her words, but she gets so frustrated that she can't communicate what she wants, even snack time becomes a meltdown. She'll rattle off a sentence of babble and then look at me with hopeful eyes. All she gets back is a blank expression and me saying "I'm not sure what you said, can you show me?"

And as I mentioned above, she really does not play much on her own. Maybe 5 minutes here or there, but she used to play endlessly by herself. Don't get me wrong, I love spending the time with her and watching her little brain develop...but sometimes we all just need the 5-10 minutes.
My 'Mom Guilt' totally blames it on the move and her not being socialized enough since. That I don't create enough of a challenge for her at home. I know she's bored.
Hopefully some of her Christmas gifts will help alleviate the boredom at home. As well as a fresh start with how I approach Tot School in the new year and our playgroup starting up again after the holidays.

Mommy's Favorite Shots of the Week 

Busy, busy, busy. This kid is busy. It's tricky to get a good photo of her face. And for a photographer who loves portraits, it can get frustrating!! She'll say "Cheese" if I ask her too, but will never look up from what she's doing or where she's going.

Unless of course there's food involved.....

The short sleeve shirt, freezy pop & snowflakes decorations on the door make me giggle.
This is definitely not a New York Christmas.

Still happy as a clam at the park.

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