Friday, December 9, 2011

Snowflakes & Glitter!

Our first official Christmas craft of the season was, of course, paper snowflakes. Something easy & supplies were cheap if it got a little out of hand. (But who are we kidding...things don't get out of hand with a toddler involved!)

I started off cutting the snowflakes out of regular ole printer paper, without Miss G's help.

Normally my snowflakes would not look this good, but I found this awesome website! Pretty impressed with how they turned out. I'm still in awe that I made these and didn't take them out of some kind of package.
Now that the scissors were put away, the table had been (partially) covered in newspaper and the Elmer's glue had been watered down to a thin-pasty consistency....enter Miss G.

I brushed the watered down glue onto a snowflake and let her go to town with the glitter.

If you look closely...the top of the glitter container is pointing up. Therefore, no glitter was reaching the snowflakes and every time she shook her hand a spout of glitter would come out of the top. It had a pretty affect all over the table & floor, not so much on the snowflakes.Which was the goal, after all.

 So I handed her the brush & glue...and I took over the glittering responsibilities.
After we finished all 4 snowflakes, we washed our hands & the table. Then went about sweeping the floor. G thought it would be funny to take her freshly washed hands and put them into the swept pile of glitter on the floor.
Then she tried to attack me & my camera.

It was a fun mess, and those are the best kinds!
They look pretty in my dining room too....

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