Friday, October 7, 2011

Homesick or How I Tried to Cure my Autumn Withdrawl

I have been very homesick this week, as well as desperately feeling like I was completely missing out on Fall. It's my favorite season, and I was missing all the fun.
So today I woke up with a fire under my butt and decided to enjoy style.

First let me say...apples down here stink. When you've grown up in NY and can yank an apple off the tree to eat while you continue to pick apples to bake & cook are an apple snob. The macintosh I found at the comissary were squishy & soft and not at all juicy. Sad. I didn't want to suffer through one more bite.

I decided to use them for applesauce instead.
Naturally the best thing to do when you don't like to cut it up in tiny pieces & boil it.

Originally I had taken pictures as I went, with big grand plans to share my recipe in this post. I was especially excited because I was trying the applesauce with brown sugar, instead of white sugar this time around. I was drooling at the thought of some homemade applesauce. But I got distracted by a certain toddler...and it burned. It tastes okay, G loved it at least....doesn't look very good...lets just call it carmelized applesauce and leave it at that. activity...Apple Stamping!
Except...we don't have any paint. But that's okay...I've made finger paint before. We'll just do that.

Except I made it a bit too runny. But it was okay, we were going for the experience...not to make masterpieces.

Though, G didn't completely understand the concept of dip apple in paint, press apple on paper.

She got the dip part right, but apples are for eating....aren't they?

I finally gave up and we just moved onto finger painting.
I'm going to blame both lousy attempts on Mississippi apples.

I wonder where Mississippi apples really come from, and which state is actually to blame. I saw a sticker on my lemon, that was from Chile. Maybe these are South American apples too? Perhaps I should have measured my ingredients in metric form for better luck?

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