Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our First Week

We've been in Mississippi, all together in our house, for a little over a week now. We're making strides in getting used to our new home & schedule. To be honest, I like the area. I've had a little home sickness - but I think it's more missing people, than missing home.  

I figured it was time for a quick update.
Here's what we've been up to our first week in our new home.

Somebody got new shoes.

I successfully cooked bacon, more than once. I'm now definitely a keeper in my husband's book.

It seems like G can make any toy into a phone. Including a foam #6.
She'll have wonderful conversations, but she'll never tell me who she's talking to when I ask. And she always clams up when someone on the REAL phone wants to talk.

Tyson has probably spent most of the last week putting things together.
Here you can see we finally broke down and bought G an outdoor toy. She kept peaking through the fence and crying when we wouldn't let her play with the neighbors toys. A travesty to a toddler.

What you don't see pictures is my first ever attempt to drive around base, IN THE DARK.

And for those who have heard me mention the echo in the house, and the lack of furniture and wondered how that could be....Below is a picture of our living room. And yes...that's a vaulted ceiling.

Do you like our "couch"?

So that's what we've been up to. I bought some supplies at the store yesterday to start up "tot school" with G again. We tried a playgroup on Friday, but I don't know if that's our cup of tea. G's too rambunctious in public, and I much prefer a more relaxed setting to get to know other mom's. It's hard to have a conversation when your daughter is pulling books off the shelf at Barnes & Noble. But we'll keep trying to find some friends.

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