Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Tot School This Week

G is 17 months old.

We're still in moving limbo.  Tyson left for Mississippi on Friday, and was not able to tow our belongings down as planned. I won't get into the whole story. But I spent the entire labor day weekend finding a storage unit, going through all the packed boxes to pull out only what is essential...and repacking. (Of course I had LOTS of help from my mom, so I didn't necessarily do ALL of this.)

Saying good-bye to Tyson for a few weeks gave us a few rough moments. So I spent as much of my time with G as I could. I didn't want a camera lens between us. I especially enjoyed watching her play, she gets so deep in thought!

Right now her favorite toy is the rainbow stacker. She will sit down and play with this thing for 20 minutes. No joke. And she doesn't seem to mind that I just sit & stare at her for 15 of those minutes. The one thing I've learned about G - she doesn't like to play "together". We'll throw balls back & forth, play with bubbles, etc...but when it comes to interactive toys, she prefers to be left alone, thank you very much.

She's starting to pretend play too - mostly just stirring & drinking - but sometimes she'll dawn her crocheted poncho & carry around her pink plastic bucket like a purse. She reminds me of my Great, Great Aunt Harriet when she does this.

This week I've also seen a huge improvement in G's word usage. Words she's said for awhile are much more clear, words she only said occasionally I now hear much more often and she's even trying new words. (My personal favorite..."touchdown!" ...complete with her sticking both arms straight up.) She's beginning to put words together - especially practicing "Hi Dada" with her toy phone. Of course when he's ON the phone, she clams up and will only wave & blow kisses.

We'll probably have a break from tot school activities until after the move. Most of the things I planned on using for Tot School have been deemed 'not important enough to mail/ship', so I'll have to rethink my plan for the next few weeks. Luckily Christmas is a few months away & I plan on asking the Grandparents for LOTS of educational toys.

I will try to update during the next few weeks of G & I being single, packing ladies...but I'm not going to worry too much about Tot School right now.

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