Monday, November 14, 2011

Tot School: Purple & Veterans' Day

G is 19 Months Old
This Weeks Theme: Purple & Veterans' Day

G has LOTS of military in her family: Her Daddy, both Grandfathers, 3 Uncles and that's just the tip of the iceberg. As a family we are very proud of our military. Though we don't typically live on a military base, she will be able to say that for a small part of her life she did. I will probably always make a big deal out of Veterans' Day in our family, because I believe that Vets are very important people.

Of course, because of Veterans' Day, Daddy has a short work week. So we didn't get a lot of tot school accomplished. We did manage to visit Excel by 5 one day.
Here's what we did for the rest of this week!

Coloring the Purple Heart, purple

This picture cracks me up, because she looks so disheveled. Her hair is a mess, her sweater is falling off one shoulder and I've never seen her make this face before. It doesn't even look like her!

Pretending to color the Veterans Day medal with foam crayons.

Our project this week was a major success. We made an American Flag out of hand prints. I wasn't too sure how she'd take to having the paint on her hands, but she loved it! I was able to tell her where to place her hands and she did it.

After the flag was done, she wasn't quite ready to be done with art projects. So she "painted" a napkin with water & a brush.

Since Daddy was home a lot this week, he let her go at the tub of colored noodles.

For Veterans' Day we also visited the USS Alabama. You can read about our day here.

How She's Growing

We've heard a few words this week, including "nice" and "baby". Baby isn't really a new word, but we haven't heard it in awhile and now it's clear as day. And of course, she doesn't say 'nice' in terms of being nice to other people. She'll draw on her magna doodle, hold it up & say "nice". Or at times like last night, while watching football I said "Nice!" after a good play and she repeated. Good thing I don't exclaim other things too loudly while watching football!!

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