Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tot School: Thanksgiving Week

G is 20 Months Old
This Weeks Theme: Thanksgiving!

We had a nice relaxed week. We did manage a couple things here & there, but it was Thanksgiving week after all!!

Playing with her number's mat.
(And making me laugh because right now, every number is "nine?".)

Having fun dumping the colored noodles.
(I finally got smart and put some towels down too!)

We traced the lines together; then G decided to color the rest of the page too.

Then we counted the Mayflowers

Coloring some Thanksgiving prints

I was not my typical paparazzi self on Thanksgiving; I was too busy cooking my first turkey dinner.
I did manage to snap a shot of her watching the parade.
And playing her drum along with the marching bands.

How She's Growing 

It seems like we're noticing more & more words, at least versions of words. Hey, we know what she's talking about sometimes, so it's a start. I've now come to realize that "Ci" is her pacifier. And in my book being able to call it a cutsie name is an indication that it's time to go. I keep telling her that 2 year olds aren't allowed to have them, so by March we need to have said goodbye. Now I just need to hold up my end of the bargain.

Every beverage is "juice", which makes it really confusing when what she really wants is milk!

She's going through a growth spurt and I'm so curious to know how tall she is right now!

We've always had G help clean up her toys, put her diapers in the garbage & her dirty clothes in the hamper. She loves to help empty the dishwasher and take trash out on Tuesday nights. She's a very clean little girl...which she didn't get from me. She's been known to follow me around in the kitchen shutting the pantry doors behind me and checking to make sure the fridge is shut all the way.
This week she'd gone outside to play, and brought some playground wood-chips in on her shoes. As soon as she noticed the "mess" on the floor, she went into the cupboard, pulled out the broom and swept up the pile. I hadn't even realized there was a mess on the floor until I saw she was sweeping it up!

She decided to continue sweeping, and I snuck this shot of her sweeping my bathroom

Mom's Favorite Shot

When I worked for the portrait studio, we had a series of portraits we needed to take. The 2nd shot was always referred to as the "signature" shot. Taken from a high angle, as that's the view parents see of their children most often.

I never truly appreciated that method until I took this...

I'm very happy to have captured the memory of my "little" girl.
That expression just makes me melt too!

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