Friday, November 4, 2011

Pinterest Creations: October Edition

It's sweeping the nation - and I got swept up into it too. Actually, Pinterest was a dream come true for me. I used to keep projects I wanted to try or ideas for my future home on a multi-page spreadsheet. Well I just deleted the last page, thanks to Pinterest. I'm visual...and now I get a picture, not just a link. For proof that this system works better for me, I actually CREATED some of things I've had marked down. (Of course.....having more time at home vs when I was working full time has absolutely NOTHING to do with it.)

Here's what I made, via Pinterest, in October:

First up - after the applesauce disaster of 2011, I was still in desperate need of some apple comfort. So I got bold and tried this Apple Cake with Vanilla Carmel Sauce.

Mine didn't end up as pretty as hers, but I'm pretty sure it tasted as good...if not better.
Satisfaction tastes pretty good.

Plus mine was served on a Mickey Mouse pizza plate. Really, what beats that?

Now, onto the Halloween fun. I was not allowed the privilege of bringing down my 6 boxes of Christmas decorations, 2 boxes of Thanksgiving decorations or  1 box of Halloween decorations. So if I want this place to be festive...I need to make it.

First up were these Bleeding Candles. This was on my "Must Do ASAP" list long before Pinterest came along.

However, don't be like me and buy cheap candles from the dollar store. Because their candles are actually white, therefore ruining the whole idea. These were only burned once so I didn't lose the effect. Next year I'll get *real* red candles and do it again...the right way.

These Spider Sacks were a lot more frustrating to make than I anticipated them being. But I like how they came out. So, much like giving birth, I will forget the discomfort & aggravation and do it again next year.

Last but not least...Halloween Dinner. Mummys. Yummy.

My Mummy has red eyes, not yellow...cause we're a ketchup household.

I have more stuff planned for November. So I'll see ya next time I want to gloat about my semi-creativity!

Oddly enough - I found this image on Pinterest too! You can find the original here.

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