Friday, August 5, 2011

Tot School

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As I’m learning to let go of the big things in life, I’m also learning that I need to have little projects or events that I can have some control over. One of those things I really want to focus on is introducing G to the world around her.

I started to get the idea to do some "home preschool" while we were in Mississippi for Tyson's training. Really, I believe that this will be more beneficial in the respect that the both of us will need the mental stimulation.  (And something for me to have a little control over and PLAN!)

I came across this wonderful site, Tot School. They have tons of printables & other goodies, but what I like most is that it encourages learning through purposeful play. There's also a weekly link up to share with other mom’s who are working with their little ones at home.

This is a perfect tool for me, because being the planner that I am - my original idea for school with G started out much more grand and structured than should be realistic for a 1 year old. (Complete with curriculum & lesson plans. I guess the 7 year old in me still wants to be a 1st grade teacher.)
Now that I've been brought back down to earth, I think we'll start off with purposeful play focusing on colors and go from there.  (Changing themes, and as she requires different stimulation & challenges we'll evolve from there.)

And now that I realize this is something that doesn’t have to require as much planning as I originally thought, we’ll start before the move. It’ll only be a day or two a week for now (it has to fit in between work & packing & enjoying summer activities), but I’m excited to get something started with Miss G.

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