Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome All

***This was cross-posted with The Wally Homestead***

So why another blog you ask?

Seeing how I want to start focusing on creating a homestead, without an actual homestead, on that other blog of mine...I decided to create a separate space for our adventures with Miss G.

I might cross post here & there....but I am totally a Type A person when it comes to keeping things in their separate & organized spaces.

So why the name?
This new blog is called Munchkin Doodles because we call G Munchkin Doodle (or just Doodle, or Doodlebug, or Ham Steak, but that's irrelevant...). And we're hoping that some day we'll have more than one munchkin and they will potentially be creating doodles all over my walls, floors & furniture...I decided to just go with it & make it a blog title.

So there you have it. Another blog for only 3 people to read. Wahoo!

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